To accomplish great things,
We must not only act, but also dream;
Not only plan but also believe.”

Anatole France

French Poet, Journalist
and Novelist


Strategic Philanthropy specializes in working with nonprofit and charitable organizations and in coaching individuals and families as well as professional advisors regarding philanthropy.

In working with organizations, SPI collaborates with senior volunteer and staff leaders and management teams. These collaborations bring together people, values, and ideas to make organizations stronger and more effective in producing good works and positive results for individuals, communities, and causes.

SPI uses its strengths to support organizations’ leaders in making good decisions, developing strong plans and effective strategies, directing fund development and other projects, and achieving practical results tailored to each client’s vision, mission, brand, circumstances, aspirations, and potential.

In working with individuals and families regarding their philanthropy, SPI assists with a values-based planning approach, tailored to their situation. SPI also coaches professional advisors and provides tools they can use for their clients’ philanthropic planning as part of overall estate planning.

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