How SPI Works

Customize and collaborate

We customize our approach to every client and every job. This involves working with clients to understand their situation, clarify their requirements, and develop a project plan that will achieve their objectives.

When the project moves from planning to implementation we continue to collaborate with our clients to ensure the project stays on track, to provide and receive regular updates, and to solicit feedback.

We strive to work with clients in a way that builds their knowledge, skill, and ability to advance their missions and achieve their philanthropic objectives.

Our Approach

We believe in....

  • Voluntarism and philanthropy
  • Engaging people and groups to identify problems and develop solutions
  • Using data to develop strategy and make decisions
  • Getting results and being accountable

We use our strengths to your advantage

  • We think conceptually and strategically and contribute a fresh perspective
  • We synthesize data to make it useful – data drives strategy
  • We analyze situations and information to identify and resolve problems
  • We conduct market, feasibility, and donor research so that you can make decisions and take action based on evidence
  • We facilitate meetings, workshops, and consultations so they are a productive use of time and resources
  • We advise, support, and motivate senior volunteers, management, and philanthropists so that they have the knowledge and confidence they need to move forward

We understand

  • Philanthropy and how to leverage volunteers’ time and knowledge, donors’ contributions, and staff expertise to achieve positive results for individuals, communities, and causes
  • Governance, management, and leadership including the relationship between structure, policy, process, and operations
  • Fund development: everything from planning, to executing and evaluating annual and capital campaigns, to building lasting relationships with donors
  • Project management: from concept development to successful implementation


SPI’s services fall into three clusters: governance and strategic management, fund development, and philanthropic planning.

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